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Utsaah Psychological Services is delighted to announce our Student Membership Card (PsyPay) for all the psychology aspirants. PsyPay is the first card that provides a lot of benefits and offers to all the psychology students. UPS Education (A unit of Utsaah Psychological Services) always provides the best possible support and assistance to all the psychology aspirants around the nation. Our aim is to provide quality education in Psychology and Mental Health Wellbeing which may lead students in their careers to become successful Mental Health Professionals. In order to achieve this goal, the entire team of Utsaah is dedicated to help the psychology students. We always try to find new ways for the benefits that can be provided to all the psychology aspirants.

PsyPay membership card is another such initiative taken by Utsaah that will allow more and more Psychology students to connect with us and get its benefits. This card will add more value to our existing students and it will help new students to connect with us for the long run.

How to get this card:

This membership card can be issued from our institute or can be ordered online through our website by paying the one-time registration fee of Rs. 1,999/-.

Card Benefits:

  1. Get Rs. 3500* instant discount on the activation of your card. (Not applicable for unpaid PsyPay Cardholders e.g. cards provided to our weekly quiz winners, or provided through any promotional activities such kindly of cards are unpaid cards)
  2. Avail 20%** discount on courses/internships/workshops/subscription/counselling/therapy/ and all other services.
  3. Early access to learning content.
  4. Get priority support.
  5. Discounts and Offers through the PsyPay card can be used on the following networks of Utsaah Psychological Services.
    1. UPS Education (http://upseducation.in/),
    2. Psychologs Magazine (https://www.psychologs.com/),
    3. PsyCourse (https://www.psycourse.in/),
    4. Utsaah Psychology Clinic (http://www.utsaah.co/) and,
    5. Selected mobile apps (UPS Education & PsyCourse)

*Students will get an instant discount of Rs.3500 on activation on their card, the discount can be availed in parts or in one go on the total fee for the selected services. For example, if the total fee of the selected course or service is Rs.2000 then, you may use the 100% discount for the service, and the remaining Rs.1500 discount can be availed in the future on any courses or services.

** On the completion of instant discount of Rs. 3500. The paid cardholder can also get a discount of 20% (maximum up to Rs.3000) and unpaid cardholders can get a discount of 5% (maximum up to 1000) on any of our courses/internships/workshops/subscription/counseling/therapy/ and all other services till the end of the card validity. 

Term & Rules:

  1. This card can be used only in the favor of the cardholder and cannot be used by any other individual. It is a non-transferable/refundable membership card. In case of any discrepancy, we hold the right to cancel the membership without any prior notice.
  2. You are eligible to use the benefits of the membership card only after completion of your 30 days membership with us, and it is not useable within 30 days from the date of issue of the card.
  3. We are not responsible for the loss or damage of your card.
  4. A new card can be issued in case of loss or damage of the membership card, but the charges will be applicable in case of the issue of a new membership card.
  5. Your student Id number mentioned on the card will be your card number and the same number will be used for your membership details.
  6. Unpaid PsyPay cardholders can convert their card to a paid card anytime by paying the activation charges to avail of the maximum discount through this card.