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Psychology Optional for UPSC CSE | State PSC Exams

Psychology Coaching for UPSC CSE & State PSC Exams

Optional paper plays a crucial role during the preparation of UPSC Civil Services Exams(CSE) and other State PSC exams. Being a part of mains,  the optional paper helps aspirants to secure good marks which can lead them to maximum score in aggregate.

Psychology is one of the subjects that can be taken as an optional paper during the preparation of mains for UPSC Civil Services Exams (CSE) and other State PSC exams.

An aspirant is required to prepare for two papers; Psychology-I & Psychology-II as part of their optional paper for mains (if one has selected psychology as an optional paper). A link for the detailed syllabus is given below on this page.

Is psychology as an optional paper, a good choice?
Various factors indicate why psychology is one of the good choices for UPSC optional papers, check the points mentioned below:

  1. Simple to grasp: Psychology is one of the most reasonable and logical fields of study. As a result of the extensive research and practical application put into the many topics and ideas, you will experience a greater feeling of comprehension as you continue with your studies. If you have a solid grasp of the theories, it will benefit you during the answer writing process and allow you to score better in the optional paper.
  2. Helpful in critical thinking: Because critical thinking is at the core of the field of psychology, electing to study it as an elective or optional will help you improve your critical thinking skills across the curriculum.
  3. Psychology is beneficial for other papers as well: In addition to the optional paper, psychology is also beneficial for the many topics of GS paper IV. The syllabus for GS paper IV includes discussions on a wide range of psychological aspects like; Attitude & Emotional intelligence.
  4. Improve your personality: Psychology may assist you in improving your personality/behavior, which in turn makes it easier for you to succeed in a variety of interviews.

UPS Education has been founded with the mission of providing high-caliber coaching and training for the students preparing for various competitive exams in the field of psychology such as UPSC optional in Psychology. Being India’s leading psychology coaching institute, we provide a helpful, student-centered learning environment, as well as support & lectures via gold medallist faculty, and well-researched study materials.

Preparation of India’s toughest exams like UPSC, needs a strong preparation strategy, sophisticated resources, and a good mentor. UPS Education fulfills all these requirements of psychology aspirants and helps them to achieve a good result in IAS mains psychology optional exam. 

Detailed feature of UPSC Psychology optional coaching is given below.  

  • Classes by renowned faculty: Online virtual classes at UPS Education are being provided by India's best Psychology faculty (Dr. Arvind Otta), Dr. Otta is indeed one of the best educators in the field of Psychology withholding many years of experience in the industry. He has helped many students to clear their desired examinations in Psychology. 
  • Virtual Lectures: The online virtual classes by accredited and renowned faculty, will provide elaborate explanations for all the concepts highlighted in the syllabus, and this program allows students to attain lectures according to their convenience and preferred time and place. Students will get classes with plenty of graphics and illustrative media for a better understanding of the concept presented by the faculty.
  • Topic Wise Sophisticated Study Material: Materials are very sophisticated and exclusive. It’s prepared by our separate research unit, under the supervision of Gold Medalist faculty, and updated accordingly syllabus and trend of UPSC CSE and Other State PSC exams for Psychology optional. We provide study materials in hard copy for the student's convenience.
  • Complete coverage: To ensure the maximum marks in your optional, we focus on both the papers; Psychology-I & Psychology-II, and provide you a better understanding with enriched contents and explanations.
  • Doubt Session: We provide online live doubt sessions to our students at a fixed interval so that they can be fully prepared for the exams.

Saumya Jain


Best place ever to explore Psychology.


Preeti Kushwaha


Indeed the best institute to learn and prepare for psychology optional. Arvind Otta sir one of the best mentors i ever meet.

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