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School Counsellors Certificate Program

Mental health problems are a leading cause of the disease burden in children and adolescents. Schools have been increasingly promoted in worldwide efforts to reduce mental health issues. The COVID-19 pandemic has augmented the risk of mental health issues in children. Thus, the need for school counselors grows even more!

The school counselors certificate program (SCCP) equips school counselors with a conceptual understanding of child development, mental health needs of children, and hands-on interventions with children. This is an opportunity for aspiring as well as practicing school counselors to stand out in their approach to working with children and befit as authentic childcare professionals!   

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  • Understanding the nuances of working with children in the school context.
  • Identifying children’s psychosocial issues and pathways to emotional, behavioral, and learning problems.
  • Practically applying concepts of child psychology in child psychosocial work.
  • Building counseling and communication skills to facilitate supportive relationships between the counselor and child.
  • Understanding common child and adolescent mental health issues, including administering assessments and report writing.
  • Developing management and  individual care plans
  • Addressing special concerns in the context of schools—such as inclusion, abuse, substance, corporal punishment, and bullying.
  • Enable Counsellors to manage their stress and Burn-Out.
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