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MA Psychology Entrance Coaching

Studying psychology is great fun because one gets to look at the story behind a story. While many people are unsure what they want to do after graduation, we at UPS Education are determined to help them reach their full potential.

As the premier psychology entrance coaching Centre in Delhi, we understand the different "ifs and buts" a student goes through while looking for a solution on this vast world known as the internet. Every student searches for a one-stop platform that can cater to all his or her doubts and requirements. Over the past few years, we have cracked the code to be the most chosen coaching institute by students for M.A. Psychology entrance coaching classes. That is to provide them with what they desire and more so that they can realise their dreams. Well, we have made things a bit easier for you all there. Let us brief you on the "must-have" information that one should have while preparing for the MA Psychology entrance exam in Delhi, from Why? to How? and When? 

A brief about the course

M.A. / M.Sc. Psychology, also known as Master of Arts / Science in Psychology, is a postgraduate Psychology course that includes an in-depth study of Psychology as a discipline at an advanced level. The course covers the study of mental processes, motivation, social psychology, personality, developmental processes, the biological basis of behaviour, research techniques, abnormal behaviour, assessment, etc. The duration of the MA in Psychology course is two years, and the course is divided into four semesters. There are a few good universities that offer psychology at the master's level, like Delhi University, Jamia Milia Islamia, BHU, the University of Calcutta, Bangalore University, etc. Delhi is one of the favourite cities for MA Psychology aspirants because there are two central universities (DU and JMI).

Who can go for this course?

So how do you know you are inclined towards this course?
No matter if you are a graduate in psychology or not, candidates who are keen to know human behaviour and the causes behind it, have good interpersonal awareness, and have good listening skills are a great fit for this course. Also, if you are one of those who possess a strong sense of ethical responsibility and are interested in the problem-solving process, you are on it! With the increased demand for psychological services in various sectors such as hospitals, mental rehabilitation centres, various clinics and companies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and defence, a master's in Psychology is one of the important needs to work as a Psychologist and to get a license.

The right guidance

Correct guidance and mentorship are a must while you are sailing on this journey of MA Psychology entrance preparation. Always remember, when a student is ready, a mentor will appear on its own. Therefore, UPS Education is dedicated to providing coaching that will definitely unlock your real potential and maximize your growth. We are the perfect match to start your training journey with. Cracking the MA psychology entrance exam is not impossible, and with our upfront coaching, we will definitely make it achievable for you.

At UPS Education, we are not afraid of striving to be the best, we are afraid of being like everyone else. Hence, all our suite of deliverables is unique and up-to-the-minute. With every entrance exam, comes a great sense of understanding that exam pattern thoroughly. Hence, we help you develop a clear insight about the areas from which most of the questions are asked in the MA Psychology Entrance. This helps you to be a pro in the massive areas of the exams. As they say,” Process is indeed a vital factor of what outcomes are”, therefore, our coaching for MA psychology entrance exam deeply focuses on the process of your preparation. We provide great lectures by Gold medallist Faculty, notes and excellent study resources. We aim at restructuring methods and meaningfully for well implementation and ending. This course is designed to provide the right blend of all facets of Psychology entrance exam and is extensively designed as per various MA and MSc Psychology Entrance syllabus.

How are we different from others in the industry?

At UPS Education, we are not afraid of striving to be the best, we are afraid of being like everyone else. Hence, all our deliverables are unique and up-to-date. With each entrance exam comes a strong desire to thoroughly understand the exam pattern. As a result, we assist you in developing a clear understanding of the areas from which the majority of the questions in the MA Psychology Entrance are asked. This allows you to excel in the vast areas of the exams. As they say, "process is indeed a vital factor in determining what outcomes are." As a result, our M.A. psychology entrance exam coaching focuses heavily on the process of your preparation. We provide great lectures by Gold medalist Faculty, study materials and excellent study resources. We aim at restructuring methods and meaningfully for well-timed implementation and ending. This course is extensively designed as per various MA and MSc Psychology Entrance syllabus to provide the right blend of all aspects of the Psychology entrance exam. 

  • Astounding Faculty: All the lectures and classes in the regular batch will be given by our experienced and renowned Gold Medalist Faculty (Dr. Arvind Otta).
  • Comprehensive study materials: Materials are prepared by our separate research unit, under the supervision of Gold Medalist faculty, and focused on the pattern and syllabus of entrances.
  • Previous year’s question papers: Previous-year questions not only help students become acquainted with the exam structure, but they also assist them in gaining confidence in a subject. In exams, questions are frequently swapped and repeated. 
  • Self-Assessment Tools and Practice Tests: Using the self-assessment and practice tests developed by our expert faculty, you may analyze your chapter-wise performance and progress. It is useful to know your strengths and weaknesses so that you can direct your preparation accordingly.
  • Exam Alerts:  We understand that due to their hectic schedules, students may miss important notifications about exams and vacancies. Therefore, we keep you informed about all psychology exam notifications, vacancies, workshops, certificate courses, and internships via email and social media.
  • Library: We have a good collection of national and international psychology books in our library, which encourages students to learn more without having to spend money on books.
  • Regular Class Tests: Regular tests will be given after each topic to see how well you understand it.
  • Interview Support: You do not need to worry about your interview; our expert faculty will prepare you for the interview.
  • Support: Our dedicated expert will be available to you. If you find any difficulties or want any guidance, they will assist you offline as well as online.
  • e-Learning Portal: We offer best in Class eLearning Portal for effecting preparation where AI-enabled systems help you analyse and assist your preparation.



It is the best coaching for psychology entrance exams. The classes are taken, printed material is given and the practice tests conducted are designed to help prepare students to crack the entrance exams. The faculty is super friendly and polite.


Pritika Guha

MA Psychology - Student

My Experience at UPS education has been excellent. They have helped me crack entrances in the field of psychology and provide ample mock tests from previous years sample papers to give the edge you need to excel.


Varsha Choudhary

MA Psychology - Student

Classes were excellent and helping too... They helped me to crack my entrance exam and to be a part of inspiring stream. :-) especially Arvind sir, he is the perfect mentor for me. His teachings boost me up to give my best.

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