UGC Decision on MPhil Clinical Psychology


The University Grants Commission (UGC) has announced that the M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology will continue up to 2025-26 sessions. Students who want to prepare for an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology can feel free to pursue an M.Phil in Clinical Psychology now. The latest notice of UGC elaborates that following the request from the Ministry of Education, UGC, in partial relaxation to the above regulation now increases the validity of M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology till 2025-26 academic sessions only.

As per this latest notification of UGC released on 30th January 2024, the degree will continue until the academic year 2025-26.

Master of Philosophy or M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology is a 2-year program. It is one of the most preferred programs among Psychology enthusiasts as this course allows candidates to become Clinical Psychologists. To get into this program, candidates must complete a Master’s in Psychology program in Psychology /Applied Psychology /Counselling Psychology /Clinical Psychology, etc.

Previous Notifications of NITI Aayog and UGC on M.Phil

In November 2023, NITI Aayog notified that the National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has announced the discontinuation of the award of all M.Phil. courses (including M.Phil. in Clinical Psychology and Psychiatric Social Work). The notice also explains that there is a risk of disruption of the national mental health program unless M.Phil. courses are continued during the transition period. So, given this notification, NITI Aayog requested that the existing system of M.Phil. courses in these two disciplines will continue for an additional period of 8 years.

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After this, on 26th December 2023, the University Grants Commission (UGC) provided a notification on M.Phil. Clinical Psychology. In that notification, UGC stated that M.Phil. Clinical Psychology is no longer a recognized degree. As per regulation no. 14, higher educational institutions will not offer an M.Phil program.

How MPhil Clinical Psychology differ from PDCP

Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology or PDCP is a 1-year program. After completion of this 1-year course, candidates can practice as a Clinical Psychologist (Associate). The work of Clinical Psychology and Clinical Psychologist (Associate) is a bit different.

Clinical Psychologists are RCI-approved professionals. While Clinical Psychologists (Associates) are restricted to serving Clinical assistance to individuals to handle mental health issues. Clinical Psychologists (Associate) lack the scope of responsibilities involved in academic pursuits, including training, mentoring, or instructing students within the Clinical Psychology department. Their roles do not encompass these academic activities.

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