How to Crack M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance


Basic Details:

M.Phil Clinical Psychology is 2 Year Post-Graduate Program and the best path to earn License of a Clinical Psychologist in India. The Candidate who is interested in doing M.Phil Clinical Psychology, they should have MA / M.Sc in Psychology / Applied Psychology with 55% of Marks to participate in the Entrance Examination. 
After completing the M.Phil in Clinical Psychology, the candidate gets a license to work as a clinical psychologist in hospitals, NGOs, counselling centres, rehabilitation centres, private clinics etc. Candidates can also start their own clinics. Clinical psychologist receives extensive training to diagnosis and treats of mental illness.
There are many RCI Approved Universities / Colleges / Universities that offer MPhil in Clinical Psychology. Click Here to see the Complete List of Institute.

Admission Processes of MPhil Clinical Psychology

All institutions have their own processes and criteria but, based on any one or a combination of two or three of the following:

  • Entrance Examinations Based on MCQs
  • Practicals of Psychological Testing
  • Interview

How to Prepare for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance

Preparation of M.Phil Clinical Psychology relies on universities/institutions. They follow the different patterns and the distribution of numbers is also different but the syllabus is the same, which you can follow for the Entrance Exams. Before presenting the TIPS and recommendation for I want to say that Falling in love with psychology is important if you want to crack M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examination.
I would like to say that your Post Graduate Hand Written Notes is one of the best recourses for the M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam. If you don’t Have your self-written notes, then ask your mentor and teacher to provide the Notes.

The right strategy is the key of success in any Entrance Exams. The following points will help you to make the right strategies for the M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance:

1. Understand the Syllabus of the Entrance Exam

This is very important to understand the syllabus to do the effort in the right direction. Make sure that your notes must be according to last year Entrance, you may use last year Question paper to understand the syllabus.

2. Important Books for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Preparation

As we discussed earlier in this article that your own hand-written notes are a good choice because it’s difficult to read 10-15 books within timeframe with MCQs practice, but if you have the option of the book only, then you should read the following book:

  • Introduction to Psychology(8th-10th Edition): Rita Atkinson and Hilgard
  • Social Psychology: Baron Robert
  • Theories of Personality: Hall, Lindzey, and Campbell 
  • Human Development: Papalia and Sally Olds (Optional – Child Development: Feldman; Nandita)
  • BioPsychology: James W. Kalat. BioPsychology, Key-Points written by Dr. Arvind Otta is also a very useful Book for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examinations.
  • Cognitive Psychology: Robinson-Riegler
  • Statistics: Quinn McNemar / Minium
  • Research Method: James Goodwin / Lewin & Fox / A. K. Singh
  • Psychological Testing: Ronald Jay Cohen and Mark E. Swerdlik
  • Abnormal Psychology: Sarason and Sarason / R. Comer
  • Clinical Psychology: Alan Carr / Hecker and Geoffrey
  • M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Preparation Practice Guide written by Dr. Arvind Otta
  • Latest Advancement: Follow Psychology Journal or Magazine. You also refer to Psychologs Magazine published by Utsaah Psychological Services Pvt. Ltd.
  • Studying Manual can also be important so go with anyone, choose DSM or ICD. I would recommend DSM-5. (If you have studied the latest edition of Abnormal Psychology, then do not require to study classification and instead of studying classification, you can study other topics.)

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3. Practice through MCQs Questions

Practice through MCQs is also very important along with the Theory clarification for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examination. There are no such dedicated MCQs book available for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance. There are few books available for other Exam that you can use but you need a kind of book who can guide your mistakes so online portal like UPS Education’s Test Panel is very useful because this online Portal not only correct your answer but gives you the complete insight about your test like correct answer, Explanations of correct Answer, Chapter / Topic wise report, Improvement report etc through Artificial Intelligence.

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