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Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Regional Institute of Mental Health (LGBRIMH Tezpur), Assam is the oldest and most popular Mental Health hospital and institute in the North Eastern Region of India. The institute has various medical and behavioral sciences departments working for the betterment of mental health including Psychiatry, Clinical Psychology, Psychiatry Social work, and Psychiatric Nursing Departments. In this article, we have mentioned all necessary details related to LGBRIMH MPhil Clinical Psychology Exam.

M.Phil in Clinical Psychology is one of the popular programs at LGBRIMH, Not only the northeastern region but the students from different cities of the nation also appear for LGBRIMH M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrances, because the institute serves as An Autonomous Institute under the Ministry and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

M.Phil Clinical Psychology course at LGBRIMH is affiliated with Guwahati University and recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). This 2-year course enables students to obtain an RCI license to practice as a Clinical Psychologist.

Are you also looking to pursue an M.Phil Clinical Psychology course at LGBRIMH? Here are the important details you should read and know about Lokopriya Gopinath Bordoloi Regional Institute of Mental Health.

Intake and Eligibility Criteria

A student with a Master’s in Psychology /Counselling Psychology /Applied Psychology /Clinical Psychology /Psychological Counselling with not less than 55% marks in aggregate is eligible to write the entrance exam at LGBRIMH.
Those, who are in the final year of their postgraduate program can also apply but they need to present their final marksheet at the time of counseling.

The institute has a total of 12 seats which are further divided into different reserved categories. LGBRIMH also has 1 reserved seat for the JRF category.

Exam Pattern for M.Phil. Clinical Psychology

LGBRIMH M.Phil clinical Psychology Entrance test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions and the total time allowed to answer the questions is 120 minutes (2 hours). Each question carries 1 mark and there is a negative marking of ¼ or (0.25) marks for the wrong answers.
It is notable that the entrance test is being conducted by Guwahati University on behalf of LGBRIMH, so aspirants should check all details related to exam forms, admit cards, and exam dates from time to time on the website of Guwahati University, in order to save your time and energy you can also check all updates related to M.Phil Clinical psychology Entrance at UPS Education’s update page by clicking here.

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Stipend and Course Fee

LGBRIMH is one of the institutes that provide the maximum stipend of ₹25,000 per month for an M.Phil Clinical Psychology Course for 2 years.

M.Phil Clinical Psychology per year course fee is as given below

Caution money and hostel depositAmount (in ₹)
Tuition Fees per yearRs. 10,000/-
Laboratory per yearRs. 500/
Gymkhana & recreation fees (per year)Rs. 250/-
Caution money & Hostel depositRs.5000/-
Library Fees (per year)Rs.1000/-
Identity Card FeesRs.100/-

Sample questions of LGBRIMH M.Phil. Clinical Psychology Entrance.

1. Which research design involves studying a group of individuals over an extended period to observe changes or developments?

  1. Cross-sectional study
  2. Case-control study
  3. Longitudinal study
  4. Retrospective study

Ans: 3

2. The development of new-onset diabetes mellitus is most likely with the use of a typical antipsychotic

  1. Clozapine
  2. Lurasidone
  3. Aripiprazole
  4. Ziprasidone

Ans: 1

3. According to Piaget’s theory of cognitive development, what is the final stage characterized by abstract thinking and hypothetical reasoning?

  1. Sensorimotor stage
  2. Preoperational stage
  3. Concrete operational stage
  4. Formal operational stage

Ans: 4

4. Which model of health behavior change emphasizes stages such as precontemplation, contemplation, and action?

  1. Health Belief Model
  2. Transtheoretical Model
  3. Theory of Planned Behavior
  4. Social Cognitive Theory

Ans: 2

5. A mature defense mechanism where a painter who has obsessive sexual ideas redirects them into his paintings is

  1. Introjection
  2. Compensation
  3. Anticipation
  4. Sublimation

Ans: 4

6. The Theory formulated by Bandura that

human behaviour is learned by observation

and imitation is called

  1. Social Learning
  2. Psychoanalytic
  3. Optimum Level
  4. Incentive

Ans: 1

7. Which of the following is a common challenge in conducting research on sensitive topics in clinical psychology?

  1. Lack of statistical power
  2. Informed consent issues
  3. Excessive subjectivity
  4. Overreliance on qualitative methods

Ans: 2

8. Which defense mechanism involves attributing one’s undesirable traits or emotions to others?

  1. Displacement
  2. Rationalization
  3. Projection
  4. Sublimation

Ans: 3

9. A research study that examines the correlation between hours of sleep and academic performance is an example of

  1. Experimental research
  2. Descriptive research
  3. Longitudinal research
  4. Correlational research

Ans: 4

10. A mature acquaintance of yours has suffered from partial blindness since she had a stroke. Apparently, the stroke damaged her

  1. Occipital lobe
  2. Parietal lobe
  3. Temporal lobes
  4. Reticular formation

Ans: 1

How to prepare for LGBRIMH M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance

After getting all the necessary information related to admission at LGBRIMH, the most important question that always strikes a student’s mind is how to prepare, what to read, and where to practice for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrances. Well, the question is genuine, since only a planned study approach can lead a student toward success in the M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrances. Click here to understand the best way to prepare for an M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrances.

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