Process to get the license of “Psychologist” in India

Today, I received a mail from Mr. Ravinder Yadav. He want to know the process to get the license. Basically In India, There is a two way to obtain license of Clinical Psychologist. This License provided by RCI(Rehabilitation Council Of India).You can get license automatically when you complete minimum level of education from RCI certified university and Institution. And another way, you can apply in RCI to register you after appropriate educational Degree. Please Share your Valuable responses information.


8 thoughts on “Process to get the license of “Psychologist” in India

    1. Its Depend upon specialization if you want to be a Clinical Psychologist then you need to pursue M.Phil in Clinical Psychology. There are various method to be a Psychologist for more detail call us at 9990717772

    1. If you want registration with RCI, You should pursue RCI approved course like for the Clinical Psychologist License, you can pursue M.Phil in Clinical Psychology

  1. Is it important to complete m. Phill in clinical psychology to get rci license.currently I am doing BA in psychology…and I want to be a psychatrist so what i have to do….plz plz reply

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