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There are many reasons why people listen or subscribe to get updates on a niche topic. However, its primary goal is to get new insight and information. There are so many podcasts on various topics but Psychology was missing, specifically for Psychology Entrance Examinations.

This podcast by Dr. Arvind Otta will help to understand the various theories and concepts in the easiest way, especially this will help all those students who are currently preparing for different entrances like MA/M.Sc Psychology, Psy.D/M.Phil Clinical Psychology, GATE/UGC NET JRF Psychology, and other Entrances related to Psychology.

In this Podcast, Dr. Arvind Otta has explained various important topics, and principles and also mentioned guidance for different Psychology Entrance Exams. It includes many chapters/topics that students may listen to any time they want. The main motto of the podcast is to increase fundamental understanding of various topics in psychology.  

The Benefits of this podcast includes:

Knowledge without barrier: listening to these podcasts helps an individual to increase his knowledge in the field and learn new things. It helps an aspirant to learn new topics for their entrance as well as understand and solve any possible doubts.

Time-Saving: Podcasts can save much time due to their convenience compared to Video. There is no doubt, Video is the best way to learn Theories but if you are occupied and do not have time to use the screen then the podcast will be a good source. The podcast is divided into many chapters for this purpose only.

Very Convenient:  An individual may listen to this anywhere they want. As it is available on various apps, you just need to connect to the internet and listen to it wherever and whenever you are comfortable.

Easy to understand/Learn: Listening to a certain this and imagining it in your own head can be more beneficial for some as podcasts are meant to listen; it forces an individual to imagine that particular information which helps to understand better.

The podcast is available on many known platforms that people prefer. The links for the same are as follows.

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