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Psychology is a very fascinating subject that focuses on various issues of life. In Psychology, we study the human brain, behaviors, and related sciences. The students who find this subject fascinating can be a bit confused about how to start this study, what to read, or where to read.

This Article includes various Books that you may read to start your journey with Psychology. The Best way to start is to know the Basic Knowledge of the Subject. We suggest that you should start your journey in Psychology with “Introduction to Psychology”. These books will not only increase your knowledge, but they will increase your interest too.

Introduction to Psychology, the topic covers a comprehensive body of knowledge that covers various topics like historical perspectives, scientific methods, Human Development, Psychological Illness, etc that we can pick to start with.

There are various Books and Guides to study this topic in the Market and Choosing the right book for you can also be very confusing so we have mentioned the top 5 books that we suggest you start with. The list is as follows.

1.       Introduction to Psychology

The book is written with a student-centered approach which makes it one of the leading psychology textbooks of the past 50 years. It is compiled with all the qualities for this. It includes the latest research developments that have been mentioned in detail and the classic landmark studies which have shaped psychology as an academic discipline have been explained in an easily understandable manner. This book attends all the major areas of Psychology and examines various theories and research ideas of Psychology. It covers various psychological concepts of day-to-day life which make the book more relatable and relevant.

Author: Atkinson & Hilgard’s

Year of Publication: 1953

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2.       Introduction to Psychology

Baron has written this in a very lucid manner which makes this book very interesting and engaging to read. The have come unusual topics that could not be found in many books like aroma therapy. The book keeps on updating itself with the new developments in Psychology which makes the reader very updated in this field. It also complied with some of Baron’s personal psychological cases and reports. The books include with variety of topics like the basis of behavior, talks about the brain, neurons, the endocrine system, Behavioral genetics, and more. It not only provides explanations of various psychological theories but also provides information about applying these in the real world. It is an interesting book for early psychology professionals.

Author: Robert A. Baron

Year of Publication: 1953

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3.       Psychology

This book by Ciccarelli and White is a very learner-centric book which makes it a very interesting reader available in the market. It has a separate section “How to study” which provides a very better learning experience. It is one of the most recommended books in Indian Academic institutions and it has a very engaging writing style and comprehensive coverage of research.

The book includes very easy-to-read educational features as the book is focused on the students. It also provides the students the knowledge of applying the learning methods in their day-to-day life.

Author: Ciccarelli and White

Year of Publication: 2000

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4.       Introduction to Psychology

The book by Morgan and King compiles with very deep knowledge of the basic principles of Psychology. The book is formed in such a way so that it can easily relate to the students. The clarity of the topics and skill organization of the book simplifies the theories of the broad subject of Psychology. It covers various introductory topics and due to a casual approach, this might get a little strenuous to reproduce academically. The tone of this book helps it to provide a universal appeal, hence it helps a large number of individuals to understand psychology. The easy reading flow of this book makes it very enjoyable to understand. The author’s interspersed historical and cultural titbits make this book very interesting book to read.

Author: Morgan and King

Year of Publication: 2017

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5.       Understanding Psychology

Understanding psychology by Fieldman provides very deep knowledge of the critical thinking and practical part of Psychology subject. The book majorly focuses to empower the students with all the tools that they are required to master the content in this subject. The book clears the topics and appreciates the approaches within. The learning aspects of the book are revised with every new edition of the book. The basic five key aspects of the theory are Prepare, Organize, Work, Evaluate, and Rethink.

Author: Robert Feldman

Year of Publication: 2017

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A Student may Also refer to the various Journals and Magazines to Increase their interest in the Subject. We suggest you read Psychologs Magazine. It is India’s, Fist first printed psychology-focused magazine. Both their website and Magazine offer trustworthy data that one may study.

The Category distribution of the website makes it easy to access the Article/Information of your Interests. The website offers a reliable resource for knowledgeable counsel from a recognized Mental health expert. This magazine and website are very useful resources for students who want to stay updated in the field of Psychology. 

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