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The interesting thing in our life never fails to fascinate us, whether any interesting book, interesting, movie or any interesting subject. Talking about the subject it is intriguing to discuss one of the interesting subjects of all time that is psychology. Psychology gained immense popularity in since last 2 decades although its roots are 100 to 200 old. Psychology is defined as the science of behavior and cognitive process, distinctively speaking it is the scientific study of mind and behavior.

Many schools offer psychology as a subject for the student of higher classes. After school, one should need to do a bachelor’s in psychology or opt for psychology as a subject during their graduation.  The position of psychologist can only be valid when one should pursue their master’s in psychology. In many institutions it is not mandatory to study psychology in their school or bachelor’s in college, depending on the norms of the institution but anyone who desires to become a psychologist they have to complete their post-graduation in psychology. There is various specialization like clinical, industrial, sports, community, counseling, school psychology, criminal, etc are in which person can do their specialization in psychology for better scope.

In this article, we have mentioned the Important Books, Tips, and some special guidance for M.Phil in Clinical Psychology and UGC NET/JRF Psychology entrance. For further details and guidance look into the important link section.

MPhil in Clinical Psychology:

There cannot be a perfect guide to know, how to prepare for MPhil Clinical Psychology Entrance but, the following guidelines prove useful if someone is looking to be an RCI registered Clinical Psychologist:

Preparation of MPhil Clinical Psychology relies on universities/institutions as they follow the different but the syllabus is the same for almost all the Entrance Exams. Falling in love with Psychology is important if you want to crack the MPhil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examination. Self-made notes, prepared during post-graduation through various books and other sources are one of the best recourses for the MPhil Clinical Psychology Entrance Exam. One may ask the mentor to help during the preparation of the notes. Forming the right strategies is the key to success to crack any entrance examination. The following points will help an individual to make the right strategies for MPhil Clinical Psychology Entrance:

Understand the Syllabus of the Entrance Exam

This is very important to understand the syllabus to do the effort in the right direction. Make sure that your notes must be according to the latest guidelines. One may also use last year’s question papers to understand the syllabus.

Important Books for MPhil Clinical Psychology Entrance Preparation

As we discussed earlier in this article that one’s own hand-written notes are a good choice because it’s difficult to read 10-15 books within a fixed timeframe with MCQs practice, but if you have the option of a book only, then you should read the following book:

•    Introduction to Psychology (8th-10th Edition): Rita Atkinson and Hilgard

•    Social Psychology: Baron Robert

•    Theories of Personality: Hall, Lindzey, and Campbell

•    Human Development: Papalia and Sally Olds

•    Bio Psychology: James W. Kalat. Bio-Psychology, Key-Points was written by Dr. Arvind Otta is also a very useful Book for M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examinations.

•    Cognitive Psychology: Robinson-Riegler

•    Statistics: Quinn McNemar / Minium

•    Research Method: James Goodwin / Lewin & Fox / A. K. Singh

•    Psychological Testing: Ronald Jay Cohen and Mark E. Swerdlik

•    Abnormal Psychology: Sarason and Sarason / R. Comer

•    Clinical Psychology: Alan Carr / Hecker and Geoffrey

Practice through MCQs Questions

Practicing with the help of MCQs is also very important along with the theoretical knowledge for MPhil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examination.


If someone wants to enter the educational or research field, UGC NE/JRF provides very useful scholarships and many universities ask for it, for the job of lecture and also for getting yourself enrolled for Ph.D. it proves to be really helpful. UGC- NET/JRF students must follow the following points:

•    Know the syllabus of UGC – NET/JRF Psychology.

Many students have confused about the syllabus of papers I and II. So start the preparation after knowing the complete syllabus. This must be noted that the syllabus of paper II has been changed recently, so, one should go through the changed topic and prepare notes, especially Eastern Philosophy must not be ignored. Ask your mentor for the notes as there is less literature available for this topic in relevance to Psychology.

•    Use some good books, notes to clear your concept but don’t change your books.

•    Time management is very important for preparations. Devote at least 5-6 hour quality time, and try to increase up to 8-10 hours but it also depends upon the personality of students.

•    Try to improve your concentration; yoga and meditation can opt as these are the best way to improve concentration.

•    Follow the mantra U-P-S; i.e., U – Understand the theoretical concept, P – Practice them in the form of an objective question, S – Startle yourself.

•    Clear your doubts with the help of your mentor.

•    Discuss the doubt topics with the fellow student.

Last-minute tips for preparations:

If you remain with a very little amount of time, focus on practice papers rather than being dependent upon the books. Firstly, practice through mock tests, sample papers, etc., and then read the topics from different books for the topics where most of the problems/ wrong answers lie.

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