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Bio-Psychology is a branch of Psychology that focuses on thoughts and actions from a biological and physical perspective. Biopsychology employs a comparative approach to study various animal species that can shed light on human behavior.

This article includes a number of books that students can read to get started with the topics of biopsychology because the best way to start studying biopsychology is to know basic knowledge of the subject.

So, the following are some of the important books that provide key elements of Bio-Psychology to a better understanding of the concept and to increase the vocabulary in Bio-Psychology. These books will not only increase your knowledge, but they will increase your interest too.

1.   Biopsychology

This book is published by Pearson in the English language and is a book that is written in a very engaging and interesting manner. while also making the subjects personally and socially relevant to the reader. The panel’s discussion of and emphasis on the human element is easy to read due to the thousands of additional references and dozens of new topics that have been added to this edition. For those who are interested in biological psychology and physiological psychology.

Author: John P.J. Pinel

Edition: Tenth Edition

Year of Publication: 2017

Publisher: Pearson Education India

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2.   Biological Psychology

The book is published by Wadsworth Publishing in English language and currently, the 8th edition provides a very in-depth picture of the most up-to-date research, the most complete combination of technologies that are available in biopsychology. The book captures the reader’s interest with the most recent discoveries in biopsychology, such as the idea that ginkgo Biloba improves memory and coverage of the idea that natural selection may have an impact on human mating preferences. Throughout the book, the goal is not only to convey information but also to convey dedication to the subject.

Author: James W. Kalat

Edition: Fifth Edition

Year of Publication: 1994

Publisher: Brooks/Cole

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3.   Understanding Biological Psychology

It is published by Wiley-Blackwell and is very simple and unique which helps students in understanding the key element that biological processes play in psychology. It gives conceptual clarity to difficult and frequently confusing topics that are there in biopsychology, covers the key area of the undergraduate curriculum, student-friendly text, and interpretation of biological processes with common psychological topics to make the subject interesting and likable.

Author: Philip J. Corr

Edition: First Edition

Year of Publication: 2006

Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell

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4.   Biological Psychology

It is published by Sage Publications Ltd and is written to guide students who are new to the biological concepts of the brain and behavior that determine how we act. This book also gives a detailed introduction to the subject of biopsychology. It involves a detailed coverage of topics such as sensation, emotions, sleep, etc. with further chapters on the biological basis of psychological disorders and the effects of drug-taking.

Author: Clifford Suzanne Higgs

Edition: Second Edition

Year of Publication: 2019

Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd

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5.  Biological Psychology

This is an introductory text which is published by Learning Matters and addresses the core areas of biological psychology, with focused coverage of the central concepts, research, and debates in biopsychology. This book also outlines the importance and purpose of the biological approach and contextualizes it with other perspectives in psychology, emphasizing the interaction between biology and the environment. This book also includes case studies, review questions, and assignments provided to help the students′ understand and promote a critical approach.

Author: Minna Lyons & Gayle Brewer

Edition: First Edition

Year of Publication: 2014

Publisher: Learning Matters Ltd

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Bio Psychology (Key Points)

This book is useful for all the students who are preparing for the Competitive Psychology Examination, mainly those who are preparing for M. Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examinations. Bio-Psychology is one of the important topics for M.Phil Clinical Psychology so I wrote this book to provide key elements of Bio Psychology to a better understanding of the concept and to increase the vocabulary in Bio Psychology. Strong vocabulary can play a very important role to improve marks in the Bio Psychology section in M. Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance Examinations. Hundreds of M. Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance examinations have been analyzed before presenting this book to you. 

Author: Otta Arvind

Edition: First Edition

Year of Publication: 2019

Publisher:  Utsaah Psychological Services Pvt. Ltd.

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A Student may Also refer to the various Journals and Magazines to Increase their interest in the Subject. We suggest you read Psychologs Magazine. It is India’s, Fist first printed psychology-focused magazine. Both their website and Magazine offer reliable data that one may study. Click here to Buy Now

The Category distribution of the website makes it easy to access the Article/Information of your Interest. The website offers a reliable resource for knowledgeable counsel from a recognized Mental health expert. This magazine and website are very useful resources for students who want to stay updated in the field of Psychology. 

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