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Dr B.R. Ambedkar University Delhi which is also known as AUD is a state university established by the Delhi government under an Act of Delhi Legislature. The University was established in 2008. It is completely funded by the State Government. The University has also been graded A by National Assessment and Accreditation Council.

AUD had invited the online application for admission for different post-graduation courses including M.A. Psychology on 5 August 2021. Now, AUD has released a notification for the candidates seeking admission in the MA Psychology Programme which includes the Syllabus for the entrance exam and sample papers. Further details of that notification are given below:

School of Human Studies

Programme: MA Psychology (Psycho-Social Clinical Studies)

Duration of test: 2.30 hours

Description of test:

Syllabus of Undergraduate Psychology Hons Program, General Awareness, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Aptitude, Schools and Systems of Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Child Psychology, Clinical Psychology, General Psychology, Neuro Psychology, Social Psychology, Statistics, Counselling, Research Methods and Psychological Testing, Personality and Mental Health, Organisational Behaviour and Psychoanalysis.

The pattern of Questions: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)


Each question carries one correct answer. Mark the answers in the OMR sheet. There is no negative marking.

1. The ‘School Strike for Climate’ movement has been initiated by

A. Kofi Annan

B. Greta Thunberg

C. Donald Trump             

D. Theresa May

The correct answer is B

2. “Ants among Elephants” is a book that foregrounds

A) Caste politics

B) Feminist politics

C) Environmental politics

D) Electoral politics

The correct answer is A

3. The term ‘psyche’ is the Greek term for

A. behaviour

B. understanding

C. actions

D. soul

The correct answer is D

4. The Konyak Dance was recently acknowledged by The Guinness World Records as the “largest Traditional dance”, in which around 4,700 Konyak women in their colourful traditional attire Came together to perform the largest “Traditional Konyak Dance”. The Konyak tribe of India mainly Inhabits in the state of –

A. Madhya Pradesh

B. Rajasthan

C. Nagaland

D. Uttarakhand

The correct answer is C

5. _________________________ is a theory suggesting that there are no absolute thresholds for sensations. Rather, the detection of stimuli depends on their physical energy and on internal factors such as the relative costs and benefits associated with detecting their presence.

A. Broadbent Theory

B. Signal Detection Theory

C. Treisman theory

D. Subliminal Perception Theory

The correct answer is B

Important Dates:

Application Start Date: 05th August 2021 

Application Last Date to Apply: 10th September 2021 

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