Why Psychology is Good career Option?


Why Psychology is Better Career Option
Why Psychology is Good Career Option

This article will help you to understand the career prospects in Psychology; in this article we have discussed why Psychology is better career option in India and what the career options in India with Psychology Degree.

Gradually demand for trained or registered psychologist is increasing in India day by day. There are few points given below which will help you to understand that Where and Why the demand of Psychologists is increasing day by day in India:

As according to our population, we don’t have sufficient number of Psychologist right now. Now demands come from Hospitals, Schools, NGOs, Defense etc. but we don’t have sufficient number of Psychologist to fulfill demands.

Due to awareness, Peoples demand Psychologist for mental health well-being.

Peoples like to approach to psychologist if they find any mental issues like:  depression, grief. Etc.

As per Govt. rules a Psychologist/Counselor should be appointed in schools.

Demand of Psychologist in the Industries or Organizations increasing day by day. In Industries or Organizations Psychologist work as motivator, he or she motivates the man power at the work place.

Demand of Psychologist is also increased in legal sectors like: Police and Armed forces

Good Salary and Career opportunity

Opportunity to do something for society along with good salary.

In short, Psychology is a fastest growing career option in India. Here are some possible job opportunities for Psychology students: Clinical Psychologist, Social Psychologist, Industrial or Organizational Psychologist, Forensic Psychologist, Health psychologist, Counselling psychologist and many others. You may choose any specialization according to your interest.

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