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Practice is what makes a person perfect in any field. In the situation of an Entrance Examination, whether it is a competitive or a nationalized entrance exam, it is only through practice through the candidate can score a good rank. Practice makes the concepts clear and the candidate is able to assess their preparation for the upcoming entrance exam.

Lakhs of people appear for Entrance Examinations but only a few are able to clear it. One thing that makes individuals stand out among the other candidates is “Mock Tests”. A mock is solving a test to practicing the rules and patterns of the actual examination. A candidate can analyze the performance in the mock and make the desired changes to avoid the same mistakes in the entrance examination. These mock tests give an idea to the candidate about various concerns like the pattern of the examination, frequently asked questions, the difficulty level of questions, and the weightage of each domain in the examination.

In the field of Psychology, there are various Entrances that a student prepares for. Whether it is for his bachelor’s, master’s or Post Master’s, the candidate is required to have a grip on the concepts as well as on the related questions. Taking more and more mock tests is the best way to enhance your practice and test yourself in order to improve.

Here are some of the Major Benefits of doing Mock Tests:

Good Practice: Mock tests provide a candidate with a good amount of practice which helps them during the examination. Practicing and doing more and more mock tests increases the speed of problem-solving within the time limit.

Time Management: Mock tests give a clear picture to the student of the weak and strong domains of him or her. Accordingly, this generates an idea within the candidates to balance between the subjects which means the weak domains need more attention and revision rather than the strong domains of the candidate.

Gives an actual exam feeling: While attempting Mock Tests, candidates get familiar with the actual examination setup. These practice tests are conducted under stimulated conditions with the aim to evaluate the knowledge of the candidates.

Help to track the Progress: Mock Tests are designed in such a way that the candidate can easily track the score obtained him or her. This helps them to know about the areas they need to work on before the entrance exam.

Strategy Formulation: The strategy that the candidate has devised for the actual exam can practice in the mock test to know if it is suitable or not for the exam purpose. Rather than experimenting on the final exam day, it’s better to be assured in the mock examination itself.

Boosts the Confidence of the Candidate: Students are already dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety during examination times. Stress and anxiety can adversely affect the exam performance of the student. Becoming stressed affects a student’s concentration and memory which can lead to blanking out during exams. Being familiar with the exam patterns can reduce their stress and would let them perform better in the examination.

Practice makes a man perfect and for competitive and entrance exams mock tests mark a difference between a regular candidate and the person who has got the rank 1. Mock tests are just a replication based on the actual examination to test the potential of the candidate before the actual examination.

In the particular field of Psychology, UPS Education provides the best in-service e-learning portal. The e-learning portal not only allows a student to take various Mock tests but it provides various other services like Self Assessments, Practice tests, and the support of AI. The Portal analysis candidate reports and provides the analysis that can further be used to prepare a better strategy to Crack the Entrance Examination. This helps a student to know about their week and their strong points. The Candidate through which decide on which topics or theories he has to focus more on. More details regarding the other tests are as follows.

Practice Test: These tests are designed to test the candidate’s progress on each and every topic. It is based on a single topic and it includes deep and short questions about the concept. These questions also help a candidate understating a single concept completely.

Self-Assessments: This part contains a list of tests in a sequence in which the students can appear for the test as per the pre-set sequence and in order to move to the next test, the candidate is required to score more than 60% marks. This is designed in such a way as to ensure that a candidate has totally understood the particular topic and is ready to proceed with further topics of the syllabus.

Mock test: Once a student completes the Practice test and Self-Assessments, the student can now appear for the Mock Test Section. The Mock tests are designed in a way of simulating the real examination that includes the test end timer as well various previous year paper questions which make sure that the student is ready for the real Examinations.

Answer Explanations: Apart from the question part, the e-learning portal includes the Answer section also. The Explanation of the Answers has a major role in making a candidate understand the concept completely and that question by question. These explanations are also helpful with the question related to such questions which makes them more important.

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The importance of revision is twofold, firstly it helps to remember facts, figures, methods, and topics. Secondly, revision helps in increasing confidence and reducing examination anxiety. Revision is a crucial and important part of the learning process; revision actually helps to recall the details and concepts of the topics studied. It complements the efforts and the hard work that the candidate has put up in the entrance examination.

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