Expert Advice for UGC NET Psychology Preparation


Best Psychology Coaching in India
Best Psychology Coaching in India

Aspirant of NET / JRF Psychology need to make strong strategies and maintain disciplines for at least 5 months. Following suggestions may help you in your preparation.

Suggestion 1: Analyse previous year question papers to understand the pattern of Exam.
Suggestion 2: Don’t avoid any topic because all questions are objective and NET / JRF Psychology Exam touches every part of Syllabus. If you want to skip or avoid any topic, take guidance from experts.
Suggestion 3: Cover the entire Psychology topic that you have in your Post Graduate Level.
Suggestion 4: Study your own Hand Written Psychology Notes if you make it at your Post Graduate level or accumulate notes of expert.
Suggestion 5: Do not use any Shortcut books available in market. There are lots of mistakes, misinterpretation of theory and errors in Practice set.
Suggestion 6: Concentrate to improve your execution rate of theory on Objective questions with the help of lots of practice Set or Model Question paper.
Suggestion 7: Meditation may improve your concentration in UGC NET Exam. Start Meditation before 1 month of Exam.

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