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Psychology has emerged as a global concept for everyone in the last few decades. Its immense scope and very interesting structure of it are responsible for its popularity. People are now more aware of their mental health and want to indulge more. Although the subject is effective for so long the information is also available in vast. There are a lot of theories and case studies that are present which makes the study effective. Also, a lot of websites and informational pages these days are making this information available for everyone across the world. whether any magazine or any organizational pages, all are contributing towards the awareness of the subject in the research field. Let’s have a glance at these websites.


1. National institute of mental health (NIMH):

NIMH is known as the largest organization in the world of mental illness for research. the organization support researcher by providing them accurate and authentic information to work on. NIMH is a federal agency for research on mental health. They work on the strategic plan for the enhancement in the research area. They also provide funding to researchers.

2. American psychological information (APA):

APA has a great name in the field of psychology. The association is the largest and most professional organization effectively working since 1892. They represent an association of various psychologists of America. with over 1 lakh a member of scientists, educators, clinicians, consultants, and students, the organization is working excellently.

3. Psychologs magazines:

Psychologs Magazine is India’s first printed psychology-based magazine. The magazine and the website both provide reliable information for the research. This Magazine and Website are more suitable for the Indian population. The various section on the website makes the information easily accessible. The website provides an authentic source of expert advice from a renowned mental health professional in India. This site is a good source for a student to update themselves specifically related to the Indian context.

4. Psychology Today:

Psychology today is a media organization associated with psychology and human behavior. the media is active since 1967 and continues to flourish. The website works with various renowned psychologists academics and writers to provide factual data for the researcher. there are enormous of blogs and post creating awareness and clear objectives among the readers.

5. Psych Central:

Psych Central is an independent organization that provides information and news about mental health. The award-winning organization are working to promote mental health and to provide trusted information since 1955. The team of psych central provides around 250 groups to their consumer.

All around the world, various organization becomes reliable sources of information for all people., not only information but various service like consultation services of professionals to the consumers are the new and significant features of these websites. All are working towards awareness and encouragement towards the subject and related aspects.

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