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Where everyone is disturbed from the COVID-19 outbreak, we at UPS Education decided to take an initiative for those who are preparing to various psychology entrances, our Gold Medalist Faculty Dr. Arvind Otta has started a video series, in which we will cover the most important topics and chapter as per the syllabus of various Psychology Entrance exams. Where Dr. Otta will explain the theories and topics with the many examples with detailed descriptions.

Also, the topics and theories we are going to cover in this video series become more important if you are preparing for MA Psychology Entrance, UGC NET JRF and M.Phil Clinical Psychology Entrance exams along with other exams like Ph.D. Psychology Entrance, SET Psychology.

You can access this lecture on our YouTube channel as well as on our different social media platforms. 

We hope, these video series will help you out and keep you motivated in this tough situation.

Here is the link to our YouTube channel and social media platform.




Video series part – 1 for various Psychology Entrance Exams.
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