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The combo of books featuring the NTA UGC NET/SET/JRF Paper-1 Question Bank and Biopsychology by Dr. Arvind Otta will serve as a complete preparation resource for psychology entrances with general papers like UGC NET JRF, and GATE Psychology. The Biopsychology book is helpful for all psychology entrances like M.Phil Clinical Psychology, PDCP/PsyD Clinical Psychology, GRE Psychology, and M.Psy/MA (Clinical Psychology). 

Cost-Effective: Save more with our special combo price, offering a significant discount compared to buying each book separately.
Comprehensive Preparation: Get a well-rounded preparation resource that covers both general Paper-1 topics and specialized biopsychology content which is useful for all the Psychology entrances.
Enhanced Learning: The detailed explanations and interactive elements of these books will help reinforce your knowledge and improve your confidence.

General Paper or Paper 1 helps you increase the overall marks in the NET/SET examination. Hence, better practice can help you score above the cut-off marks. Here is why this practice book for paper 1 is special for you:

Extensive Coverage: Over 4,000 practice questions covering all essential topics of Paper 1.

Detailed Explanations: Each question is accompanied by a thorough explanation to help you understand the reasoning behind the answers.

Exam Patterns: Updated with the latest exam patterns and types of questions, ensuring you're well-prepared for the real test.

Chapter covered:

  1. Teaching Aptitude

  2. Research Aptitude

  3. Comprehension

  4. Communication

  5. Speed, Time & Distance

  6. Ratio and Proportion

  7. Interest Discounting and Averages

  8. Profit and Loss

  9. Ranking Test

  10. Sequencing

  11. Fraction

  12. Logical Reasoning

  13. Data Interpretation

  14. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

  15. People, Development and Environment

  16. Higher Education System

  17. Sample Question Papers

    1. Sample Question Paper 1

    2. Sample Question Paper 2

    3. Sample Question Paper 3

    4. Sample Question Paper 4

    5. Sample Question Paper 5

Understanding biopsychology well can improve your scores in psychology entrance exams by 15-18%. This is because biopsychology helps you do better in other topics of the exam, like Memory, Learning, Personality, Sensation, Perception, and Abnormal Psychology. The following are the main features of this book;

In-Depth Content: Comprehensive chapters covering key concepts in biopsychology, tailored for psychology entrance exams like NET JRF, M.Phil/PsyD/PDCP Clinical Psychology, GATE Psychology, and MA/MSc/CUET PG Psychology.

Interactive Learning: Features MCQs, detailed diagrams, and flashcard-style questions for better understanding.

Expert Insights: Written by Dr. Arvind Otta, an expert in the field, ensuring reliable and high-quality content.

The Biopsychology book includes the following chapters:

  1. Introduction to Biopsychology

  2. Nerve cells & Nerve impulses

  3. Neurotransmitters

  4. Nervous System

  5. Cranial Nerves, Receptors, and Effectors

  6. Biology of Motivation, Emotion and Addiction

  7. Biology of Sleep and Dreaming

  8. Sexual Behaviour

  9. Biology of Stress

  10. Brain Development and Related Issues

  11. Practice Sets

    1. Practice Set 01

    2. Practice Set 02

    3. Practice Set 03

    4. Practice Set 04

    5. Practice Set 05

    6. Practice Set 06

    7. Practice Set 07